22kw AC Hybrid Solar Power Pumping System with Grid Utility for Irrigation in Pakistan

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22kW AC Hybrid Solar Power Pumping System with Grid Utility for Irrigation 


1. Solar Water Pumping System Introduction

 Solar Water Pumping System

Solar pumping system consists of four parts: solar panels, solar pumping inverter, three phase AC pump and water storage device. The solar pumping inverter converts DC power produced by solar panel to AC power which drives AC pump to pump water from borehole, river, lake etc. to the storage device.

The inverter applies high efficiency MPPT algorithm to maximize power harvested from solar panels.It will make the system to maximize efficiency to get the water as much as possible.The solar pumping system fulfills concept of low carbon,energy conservation,environmental protection to improve the living standard in water-deficient area.

 Solar water pump system

Meanwhile, the application of AC PowerPack add grid utility/DG as power supplement or backup for solar energy, can keep pumping system working 24 hours a day.

Solar pump system application

Solar water pump system

Solar water pump system

3. solar pump system feature

  • Reliable solution provider in non-electricuty and water deficient area.
  • Wide application with all kinds of PV modules and three-phase AC pumps
  • IP65 for outdoors application
  • Max. operation temperature 60ºC
  • GPRS remote monitoring for real time operation status and control on/off
  • Excellent performance during cloudy weather with 5% more water output compared to competitors
  • ROI is only less than 2 years compared to diesel generator
  • Full automatic unattended operation with perfect protection functions for long lifespan 25 years
  • 3 years warranty time for complete system, 10 years for PV modules


Main Equipment Details


Solar water pump system

Solar water pump system
Solar Mounting Structure
The modules support structure is mild steel, hot dipped galvanized. It is of adequate strength and appropriate design, which can withstand load of modules and high wind velocities up to 150 km/h. All nuts and bolts are made of very good quality and are corrosion resistant. Structure is easy replacement of any module. Fabricated can be grouted,rooftop, carpacking style.
 modules support structure

d.c. Max. Input Voltage


Recommended MPPT Voltage


d.c. Max. Input Current


Max. Motor Output Power


Rated Output Voltage

 380 ~ 460 Vac

Output Frequency


Rated Output Current                     



modules support structure
PV Cable
Item:PV1-F 1×4mm2 Nominal cross-sectional area of conductor: 4mm2 Conductor size: 56/0.3 Conductor DC resistance: 5.09Ω/km Max. Permit Voltage 1000VDC Maximum operating current 8A Environment: -40ºC~+120ºC
AC Cable
Model: JHS Waterproof No. of cores: 4 cores Rated power-frequency voltage: 300/500V No. of cores*sectional area: 3*35mm2+1*6mm Insulation thickness(mm) 1.0+1.0 Sheath thickness(mm) 2.0 admissible operating temperature of the conductor:-20~+65ºC
PV Cable



 22kw AC Hybrid Solar Power Pumping System22kw AC Hybrid Solar Power Pumping System

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