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    On grid inverter
    Product Description Datasheet 30000TL3-S 33000TL3-S 40000TL3-S 50000TL3-S5500M Max. recommended PV power (for module STC) 37500W 41250W 50000W 60000W Max. DC voltage 1000V 1000V 1000V 1000V PV voltage range 200V-1000V 200V-1000V 200V-1000V 200V-1000V Nominal voltage 580V 580V 580V 695V  MPP voltage range at Full Power 450V-800V 450V-800V 540V-800V 645V-850V Max. input current 34A/34A 38A/38A 38A/38A 38A/38A Number of independent MPP trackers/strings per MPP tracker 2/4 2/4 2/4 2/4 Output (AC) Rated AC output power 30KW 33KW 40Kw 50Kw Max. AC apparent power 33.3kVA 36.6kVA 44.4kVA 53.3kVA Max. output current 48.3A 53A 64.5A 64.5A AC nominal voltage; range 230V/400V 230V/400V 230V/400V 277V/480V AC grid frequency; range 50Hz,60Hz / 5Hz 50Hz,60Hz / 5Hz 50Hz,60Hz / 5Hz 50Hz,60Hz / 5Hz Displacement power factor, configurable 0.8leading… 0.8lagging 0.8leading… 0.8lagging 0.8leading… 0.8lagging 0.8leading… 0.8lagging THDi <3% <3% <3% <3% AC grid connection type 3W+N+PE 3W+N+PE 3W+N+PE 3W+N+PE/3W+PE

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